Bedding, Hand embroidery, Luxury linens, Household linen


New products

  • Rebrodè Lace Doilies
    Rebrodè Lace Doilies

    Rectangular Doilies Set 3 pcs entirely manufactured using fine Rebrodè Lace. Measures: doily 1 pc cm 95x45; doilies 2 pcs cm 45x35

  • Rebrodè Tablecloth in Pure Linen
    Rebrodè Tablecloth in Pure...

    Precious Rebrodè Lace on Pure Linen for this Tablecloth for 12 people with 12 napkins with Rebrodè Lace. Misure: tablecloth cm 180x290; 12 napkins cm 45x45 

  • Rebrodè Lace Table Abillè
    Rebrodè Lace Table Abillè

    Table Abillè enterely manufactored using precious Rebrodè Lace. Measures: placemat cm 100x100

  • Needle Stitch Towel Set in Pure Linen
    Needle Stitch Towel Set in...

    Pair of Towels in Pure Linen with fine embroidery by hand Needle Stitch in the Ledge. Measures: towel 1 pc cm 70x110; towel 1 pc cm 40x70

  • Rebrodè Lace Doily
    Rebrodè Lace Doily

    Rectangular Doily entirely manufactured using Rebrodè Lace. Measures: doily cm 155x45

Bedding, Hand embroidery, Luxury linens, Household linen