New products

  • Sicilian Stitch single Set in Pure Linen
    Sicilian Stitch single Set...

    Coordinated Bedcover and Bedsheet for single bed in Pure Linen embroidered by hand Sicilian Thread. Measures: bedcover cm 180x275; bedsheet cm 180x280; 1 pillowcase cm 50x80

  • Tovaglia da tavolo Rebrodè in puro lino
    Rebrodè Tablecloth in Pure...

    Precious Rebrodè Lace on Pure Linen for this Tablecloth for 12 people with 12 napkins with Rebrodè Lace. Misure: tablecloth cm 180x290; 12 napkins cm 45x45 

  • Intaglio Thread Bedcover in Pure Linen
    Intaglio Thread Bedcover in...

    Rich embroidery by hand Intaglio Thread for this elegant Bedcover in Pure Linen. Measures: copriletto cm 265x285

  • Intaglio Thread Tablecloth in Pure Linen
    Intaglio Thread Tablecloth...

    Rich embroidery by hand Intaglio Thread for this elegant Tablecloth x12 in Pure Linen. Measures: tablecloth cm 185x290; 12 napkins  cm 45x45

  • Cantù Courtain in Pure Linen
    Cantù Courtain in Pure Linen

    Elegant Courtain in Pure Linen with Cantù Lace embroidered and cut by hand. Measures: courtain cm 270x310

About us

The Boutique Annamaria Cappellini produces and markets highest quality home linen, using only natural fabrics as pure linen and finest cotton, skilfully manufactured by hand.

Tradition and quality mark our products out realized always with the highest cure and refinement.

Attention to details, passion for the tradition research of quality characterize all our handmade articles.

Our proposals:

  • Bedcovers
  • Quilts
  • Cotton Bed sheets
  • Linen Bed sheets
  • Linen Tablecloths
  • Hemp cloth Tablecloths
  • Tea Sets
  • Linen Towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Doilies Sets
  • Courtains
  • Trousseau
  • Crystal Products