New products

  • Intaglio Thread Bedcover in Pure Linen
    Intaglio Thread Bedcover in...

    Rich embroidery by hand Intaglio Thread for this elegant Bedcover in Pure Linen. Measures: copriletto cm 265x285

  • Cantù Courtain in Pure Linen
    Cantù Courtain in Pure Linen

    Elegant Courtain in Pure Linen with Cantù Lace embroidered and cut by hand. Measures: courtain cm 270x310

  • Intaglio Thread Tablecloth in Pure Linen
    Intaglio Thread Tablecloth...

    Rich embroidery by hand Intaglio Thread for this elegant Tablecloth x12 in Pure Linen. Measures: tablecloth cm 185x290; 12 napkins  cm 45x45

  • Tovaglia da tavolo Rebrodè in puro lino
    Rebrodè Tablecloth in Pure...

    Precious Rebrodè Lace on Pure Linen for this Tablecloth for 12 people with 12 napkins with Rebrodè Lace. Misure: tablecloth cm 180x290; 12 napkins cm 45x45 

  • Sicilian Stitch single Set in Pure Linen
    Sicilian Stitch single Set...

    Coordinated Bedcover and Bedsheet for single bed in Pure Linen embroidered by hand Sicilian Thread. Measures: bedcover cm 180x275; bedsheet cm 180x280; 1 pillowcase cm 50x80


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