New products

  • Tovaglietta da thè Rebrodè in puro lino
    Rebrodè Table Abillè in...

    Table Abillè in Pure Linen with Rebrodè Lace on the ledge. Measures: placemat cm 90x90

  • Coppia cuscini Rebrodè in puro lino
    Rebrodè Pillowcases in Pure...

    Pair of Pillowcases in Pure Linen with Rebrodè Lace. Measures: pillowcases 2 pcs cm 50x50 

  • Sicilian Stitch Bedsheet in Pure Linen
    Sicilian Stitch Bedsheet in...

    Detailed manufacturing Sicilian Thread by hand for this classical style Bedsheet in Pure Linen. Measures: bedsheet cm 250x300; 2 pillowcases  cm 50x80; cover cm 240x260

  • Cantù Courtain in Pure Linen
    Cantù Courtain in Pure Linen

    Elegant Courtain in Pure Linen with Cantù Lace embroidered and cut by hand. Measures: courtain cm 270x310

  • Cantù Doily in Pure Linen
    Cantù Doily in Pure Linen

    Rectangular Doily in Pure Linen embroidered by hand Cantù Lace. Measures: doily cm 145x50



Our products are the result of craftsmanship because they are worked entirely by hand, checked carefully, putting attention to details.

For this reason, our products may have little imperfections, which increase the value of the same, making it an exclusive design.

It may therefore happen, comparing two items of the same article, to notice little differences which are the result of craftsmanship.


Each garment, being an artisan product, can have measures slightly different from those described in each tab item.

The reported dimensions, therefore, consider the possibility of such little differences. In any case the measurement differences do not damage the use of the garment itself.

You have to tolerate a change from 1 to 2 cm on the measures declared, sometimes more, especially for large items.


With this service we give our customers the opportunity to make an estimate for the creation of articles made to measure between products that have the "Request customized size" in their detail page.

Choose your favorite articles and contact us asking available customizations for it. In a short time we will offer you an estimation with details of delivery times.

If the estimate is accepted, we request you payment 30% at the order and the balance 70% before the delivery. Before the shipment you will be informed by e-mail.

Every REQUEST FOR QUOTE are free until you accept the price, so please do not hesitate to contact us for any information from our contact form.

Examples of customization:

Customized tablecloth:

  • the table surface (width and length)
  • drops measures (at least 40 cm)
  • number of napkins

Customized doily:

  • width
  • lenght