Linen bed sheets

Classical style linen bed sheets handmade processes. Entirely made in pure linen, these bed sheets provide an excellent breathability preventing the accumulation of microorganisms and mites dangerous for the health.


New products

  • Rebrodè Lace Doily
    Rebrodè Lace Doily

    Rectangular Doily entirely manufactured using Rebrodè Lace. Measures: doily cm 155x45

  • Rebrodè Tablecloth in Pure Linen
    Rebrodè Tablecloth in Pure...

    Precious Rebrodè Lace on Pure Linen for this Tablecloth for 12 people with 12 napkins with Rebrodè Lace. Misure: tablecloth cm 180x290; 12 napkins cm 45x45 

  • Rebrodè Bedcover in Pure Linen
    Rebrodè Bedcover in Pure Linen

    Precious Bedcover entirely manufactured using Rebrodè Lace. Measures: bedcover cm 270x290

  • Rebrodè Lace Doilies
    Rebrodè Lace Doilies

    Rectangular Doilies Set 3 pcs entirely manufactured using fine Rebrodè Lace. Measures: doily 1 pc cm 95x45; doilies 2 pcs cm 45x35

  • Rebrodè Lace Table Abillè
    Rebrodè Lace Table Abillè

    Table Abillè enterely manufactored using precious Rebrodè Lace. Measures: placemat cm 100x100

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Linen bed sheets